BSB- Watering system

The BSB watering system is a reliable and economic alternative, which saves both time and effort on your farm. The combination of a small amount of water, extra good insulation, circulation, and invariable temperature makes the heating costs in turn very low.

The drinking pipes are supplied ready mounted with valves and pipes that are cast into a reliable unit. Urethane is used as insulation. The urethane insulation saves heating costs in the winter, and in the summer it provides protection against heat.

All drinking pipes are specially manufactured according to the length of the series and the amount of space for each farm. Thanks to accurate instructions and complete deliveries, you can easily mount the BSB watering system. Our skilled personnel can assist you, if needed. The system is also available as a turnkey-solution.

Overhead or in-ground installation

The watering system suits all fur farms as you can choose the method of installation; overhead or in-ground. When the overhead installation is chosen, the main pipe and electric cables are installed to a cable rack, which is made of welded galvanized steel. The advantage of this system is the easy mounting and maintenance. The rack constructions do not interfere with your daily work. Another system is to dig the main pipe 30-40 cm in the ground. All of the sheds are equpped with their own taps for shutting off the water.