TM Farmpilot

TM Fur Feeding is an effective tool for handling precise and individual feeding. The program has user-friendly menus, and quickly provides an overview of the possibilities for the feeding and registration of animals. TM Fur Feeding can exchange data with KF´s breeding program Fur Farm Web as well as Morsø breeding program. This avoids registering the same data twice, such as house/cage/sex registration.

With the help of TM Fur Feed's collection program, can breeding, birth, quality and weight data easily be gathered and transferred to the breeding program. Programs, data and backups are on an SD card (such as those found in cameras).  Therefore, neither programs nor data is lost during a power failure or system crash.

During the registration of the animals, it is possible to assign a feed curve to an individual animal. After which, the animal will get its feed adjusted automatically during the number of days the feed curve lasts. It is, however, possible to correct the curve in case it turns out that it doesn't suit the animal's needs. The number of feed curves and their length is unlimited.  One can, for example, design various birth curves, curves for the growth season, and for mating/flushing. The presentation of the curves can be done directly on the handheld unit, so you don't need to use your PC. In fact, most calculations and suggestions can be viewed directly on the handheld.

Making feeding adjustments for the individual animal is very convenient because of the preset buttons on the handheld. The barcode reader can shine continually, and you simply point to the animals that must have their feed quantity adjusted. The adjustment can easily be done for the animal, cage type, house intervals, and/or groupings. You can also ”lock” the feed amount for selected animals.

The handheld unit is small and weighs under 300 grams, which makes it easy to store in your pocket if you need to look in a cage. After the feed adjustment, you will be able to see how much will be used during the next feeding. If enough feed hasn't been ordered, you'll be able to take this into consideration before the actual feeding. You can program ”stop animals”, so that feeding ends automatically after those animals. This is a big advantage if you have an aisle crossing, or when you reach the end of the house.

TM Fur Feeding has a health control section, where you can retrieve information on animals that have not increased their feed consumption over a predetermined number of days. This way, problems can be detected earlier.