Pelting machines, mink

Fleshing machines

Rotoclean 3 beam

Rotoclean 3-beam has excellent capacity for use on large farms. The machine is very fast thanks to the effectiveness provided by three fleshing beams. The skin is fastened on the first beam. Only one push clamp is used for fastening of the tail. A groove in the fleshing beam keeps the button in position and releases automatically when the fleshing is completed. The skin is fleshed on the second beam using two fleshing blades. Rotoclean provides an efficient, yet gentle, fleshing thanks to the pivoting fleshing blade. The fleshing is performed farther out on the skin during the return motion and the direction of rotation minimises the risk of damage to the skin. On the third beam, the skin is cleaned using brushes and sawdust dosage. The skin is subsequently and automatically delivered to e.g. the drum.

Rotoclean 2 beam

(with or without touchdisplay)

The Rotoclean fleshing machine for mink can manage the workload even at the largest of fur farms. Fat suction combined with adjustable sawdust dosage all results in entirely clean pelts. Rotoclean is equipped with a digital control system that handles the most important functions throughout the whole fleshing process: beam rotation, operating speed of the blade, direction of the rotation of the blade, various fleshing speeds and pressure throughout the programme, sawdust dosage, etc. Rotoclean cleans effectively yet gently. The scraping impeller moves with variable pressure minimizing the risk of damage. The machine is available in a single or double fleshing blade version. Other advantages that Rotoclean rings forth are easy pelt switching and automatic beam rotation.

Tail-preparing machine

With just two simple movements, it will open and flesh the mink tail. The tail-preparing machine can be mounted directly on a Rotomax or Rotoclean, or fastened to a bench.

Fat suction and cyclone

The fat suction device simplifies the handling of fat. The cyclone is automatically emptied into a barrel, wheelbarrow or larger box. The installation is fast and easy.

Model Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm) Weight (kg) Electric motor (kW) Flow rate (l/min)
Rotoclean 3 beam 2450 1170 1900 750 12,2 100
Rotoclean 2 beam (with or without display) 2030 770 1730 315 3,6 50
Tail-prepering machine 270 220 230 4 - -
Fat suction, cyclone 1500 Ø 670 - 41 - -